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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations


Workplace investigations are becoming increasingly commonplace in Canada because of the extremely high expectations the law places on us as employers.  Here are the most typical situations that call for an investigation for our clients:

  • An employee files a harassment or discrimination complaint;
  • There is an allegation that an employee engaged in inappropriate workplace conduct;
  •  The workplace has become "poisoned" and dysfunctional;
  • A concern that a human rights application or complaint under occupational health and safety legislation will be filed, or a lawsuit initiated;
  • The doctor wishes to terminate an employee for inappropriate conduct but needs to support the decision legally.

In these situations, the Courts expect that an investigation will be conducted, and that it will be done properly.  Employers who fail to do so are increasingly being punished at law.  If you have a situation that you believe may call for a workplace investigation, contact us.  We are always on your side.


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