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Employment Risk Assessment™



Employment Risk Assessment™ 

Are you purchasing a practice? Congratulations! It's both exciting and stressful, isn't it?  What do you need to know about employment law as a purchaser?

As a purchaser, the single-biggest risk to you in a practice purchase arises from the potential liabilities related to staff.  When we are consulted by potential purchasers asking what they need to know about employment law in Canada, the most important thing we need to advise them of is this:  the total price that you pay for the practice will not be set out in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  To that price, you need to add what it will cost you to fix the practice's employment law problems in the 24 months or so post-closing. The latter amount can easily add six figures to your purchase price (as we often see in our work when doctors unfortunately wait until months after closing and the development of significant problems, before they contact us).  We have extensive experience working with respected corporate lawyers in the health care field to provide the specialized employment law advice that is essential to a smooth purchase.  Contact us before you purchase a practice for a Employment Risk Assessment™ ("ERA").  An ERA will contribute significantly to your family's assets, give you enormous protection for your new investment, and provide you with priceless peace of mind.


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